Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Operation Skinny Dosters

There's always that one pic that someone snaps and when you see it you gasp. At first there's denial because of course the camera always makes you look bigger than you actually are...right?!? Well not really because the scales back it up:(

Here's my earthquake pic...
Having three babies in five years doesn't do a lot for your figure. Especially with the youngest being "1" spaghetti is much easier to cook than grilled chicken and vegetables! Regardless of how it all happened that's where I was. It was time to make a change! My husband decided to jump on the bandwagon with me and it sort of became a competition.
-The first thing I did was join the YMCA. It was a little pricey but $10 a week has been well worth the change I have felt emotionally if I never lost a pound!
-We got rid of almost all sugar and started using stevia which is all natural with no chemicals.
-We eliminate as many carbs and fat as possible and use whole wheat/low calorie bread.
-When possible we try to use organic, grass fed, and non processed foods. We can't always afford all organic meat (although www.lettucecarry.com run specials on their grass fed beef and organic veggies a lot so we stock up when possible) but we did eliminate processed meats completely and get our ham and turkey sliced at the deli.
-I'm constantly trying new low calorie recipes and low calorie snacks so we don't get burnt out or feel deprived!
 Philly Cheese Steak Stir Fry
Snow Cream made with Stevia
 Grilled Chicken with broccoli and boiled cabbage

Tilapia and Shrimp cooked in Pam and Italian dressing seasoning.
After 2 1/2 months and 23 pounds here is my new selfie;)
I still have a few more pounds to go but progress is progress!

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