Monday, March 17, 2014

A Very Green Day!

     I knew it was going to be rainy cold day today so I decided to have a little fun with St. Patrick's Day! For Breakfast we had lucky milk, leprechaun cinnamon rolls and green eggs! Clay loves helping mommy cook.

Chris enjoyed using my kitchen tongs to pinch all the kids not wearing green!

During our Bible Study time this morning I let them all watch a you tube clip on St. Patrick. They learned how St. Patrick used the three leaf clover to share the gospel. You can watch it here....

During class I found some word family sheets with clovers for Clara Grace to do. I couldn't really find any activities for 4th and 6th graders so I let the two older girls I homeschool only do their math and English which made for a short day (that made them both very happy)!

For lunch we had green noodles with green sauce. The kids loved it but my husband wasn't loving the green sauce!

This is just another reason I love homeschooling. Sometimes I feel like the kids are just neck deep in their routines so I love throwing something fun in so they never know what to expect. Today, it was green food and St. Patrick. Tomorrow it might be a picnic at the park or an unplanned trip to a museum. I started the school year clinging to my books, lessons and plans. Anything that threw us off track sent me into a panic. I'm starting to learn that an education is so much more than text books and work sheets. I'm still a little rigid very rigid (!) with math and English but what fun it was today to throw Ireland into history than memorize more states and capitals. Who knows the capital of Maine anyway? Yep, that's what I's Augusta in case you forgot!